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FAQ and Common Issues

How can I import iCalendar files from iCal™?

Open iCal and choose "Export..." from iCal's "File" menu. Locate the exported file in Finder and drag it to even-t's bookmark drawer. Use the small button in the bookmark drawer to display the events in your default window or double-click to open in a separate window.

How can I synchronize my calendars with iSync or .Mac?

The beta version of even-t doesn't support synchronization via iSync or on a .Mac account yet. When even-t goes final it will fully supports Apple's Sync Services architecture to ensures the two-way synchronization of your data with mobile devices like Apple's upcoming iPhone™ or your .Mac account.

As a workaround you can export your calendar from even-t as an iCalendar file and import this with iCal. Then you should be able to use iSync or the .Mac sync to synchronize your calendars.

You can avoid the extra export by activating the Sync button in even-t's Bookmark Information panel. Everytime you'll save your calendar, an iCalendar backup file will be written to the folder ~/Library/Calendars/ in your home directory.

BTW: With the current beta version you can publish your calendars to your .Mac account. This is different to the two-way sync feature, which will available with the final version of even-t 2.

Tip: Sven Fink hosting the German web site discovered a hack to avoid the export/import stuff.

Will even-t supports The Missing Sync™ to sync with Windows Mobiles, PDAs or PSP?

Yes. The Missing Sync from mark/space fully supports Apple's Sync Services architecture so will even-t when is goes final.

Will even-t supports the CalDAV standard?

Yes, even-t will supports the CalDAV protocol in a future version used by Apple's iCal Server coming with Leopard.

Built on open standard protocols, iCal Server is the first calendar server for Mac OS X Server. Now it's easy to share calendars, schedule meetings, and coordinate events within a workgroup, a small business, or a large corporation.

CalDAV is a calendaring protocol used by leading calendaring programs including iCal 3 in Leopard, Mozilla's Sunbird, OSAF's Chandler and Microsoft Outlook. These open standard protocols include CalDAV - a set of extensions to WebDAV even-t already uses for collaboration - and interchange formats such as iCalendar, iMIP, and iTIP.

How can I open webcal URLs?

If you have Mac OS X 10.4 installed, even-t registers itself after start up to handle webcal URLs. Clicking any webcal URL in your browser will load this calendar and displays it in a separate window. You can also drag&drop a webcal URL to even-t's bookmark drawer. The binding to open webcal URLs with even-t will be broken, everytime you open iCal™. If you like to use even-t instead, quit iCal and restart even-t.

If you have Mac OS X 10.3.9 installed and like to use webcal URLs with even-t, you have to install the System Preference Pane More Internet... from With this new Preference Pane, you can choose even-t to handle the webcal protocol. Otherwise Apple's iCal will be used to open webcal URLs.
Please download this Extension (164kB) and install this in ~/Library/PreferencePanes . Choose the new System Preference Pane "More Internet", add a new entry for the webcal protocol and bind it to even-t by dragging even-t to the newly created webcal protocol entry.
This binding will be broken everytime you install a new version of even-t.

What is recommended for Shared Editing?

To use the Shared Editing feature in the Professional version of even-t you'll need access to a WebDAV server, which support locking and multiple user accounts. Most providers like or gives you access via WebDAV, but just with a single account.

The best way to use the "Shared Editing" feature is to enable one computer running Mac OS X in your network. Here are some articles about how to setup Mac OS X as a WebDAV server: Greg Westin: Enabling WebDAV on OS X for use with iCal and Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV.

I cannot install even-t. The Installer says: "There is nothing to install".

This problem sometimes occurs if a previous version of even-t was already installed. Before you retry to install the latest version, quit the Installer app and delete the file /Library/Receipts/even-t.pkg .